We train the next generations of beauty technicians. We rigorously focus on quality of service, respect of SOPs, development of technical skills and on languages! At the moment, we offer training and certification for nail artists and lash artists.

Welcome to The Privé Academy, where creativity meets precision and innovation blends with relaxation. Nestled at the forefront of the nail and spa industry, we are proud to introduce a haven of learning that transcends boundaries and molds the future generations of international technicians. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, a passion for artistry, and a dedication to nurturing talent, The Privé Academy emerges as the ultimate destination for those aspiring to master the craft of nail and spa techniques.

As the beauty landscape evolves, so does the demand for skilled professionals who can seamlessly fuse technique with trends. At The Privé Academy, we go beyond traditional education, fostering a dynamic environment that encourages students to explore their artistic prowess while honing the precise skills required to excel in this competitive field. Our avant-garde curriculum is meticulously designed to blend time-honored practices with cutting-edge advancements, equipping students with a comprehensive toolkit that spans the spectrum of nail artistry and spa therapies.

Nestled in an environment of sophistication and tranquility, The Privé Academy transcends the ordinary and embarks on a journey of transformation. Our experienced educators, industry veterans, and guest experts collectively form an unparalleled ensemble of mentors dedicated to shaping the next wave of global technicians. Here, creativity is nurtured, innovation is celebrated, and personal growth is as essential as professional development.

Step into The Privé Academy and embark on a voyage that transcends borders, cultures, and expectations. Join us as we set a new standard for excellence in nail and spa education, igniting passion and channeling artistry to cultivate the industry leaders of tomorrow. 


Your journey towards a world of artistic expression, technical mastery, and boundless opportunities begins here.


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    I was not ready to join the Privé Spa senior technicians team so I decided to go on a journey with learning and perfecting my skills! Today I am one of the main techs of Privé in Saigon. Everything is possible.

    Miss Thu N.